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"Exploring the Beauty of Gardening at The Jackalope Grill"

Best Outdoor Dining in Bend and Surrounding areas.

We are excited to share our garden at The Jackalope Grill this year. Enjoy the aromas of the different mint plants in the garden, including strawberry mint, orange mint, chocolate mint, and spearmint, which were raised organically and with the utmost care.  Our guest can savor the unique mint flavors by trying our refreshing mint-infused cocktails, adding a sprig of their favorite mint to their dishes for a burst of freshness, or even taking home a small bundle of their preferred mint variety to experiment with within their own culinary creations.

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Fun Fact: At the Jackalope Grill, we play The Grateful Dead for our plants while we care for them. We are convinced they love it.

Do you play music for your plants?

The plants seem to be thriving, and we love watching them grow. We hope to create a garden that is beautiful to look at and beneficial to our guests and employees. We have planted various herbs, vegetables, and flowers that can be used in our menu items. We also hope to create a space that is enjoyable for our guests.

Always moving forward,

Last year, we experimented with many varieties of tomatoes and glorious and tall Sunflowers. This year, we are inspired by deep royal colors and tapping into the senses with various scents from the different mint plants we have grown. We want to create an environment that is calming and soothing, a place where people can take a break from the mundane and reconnect with nature and each other. We hope to provide a place of serenity and peace.

You need to come see it for yourself to really experience the beauty of our hidden downtown garden. Please join us.

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