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About Us

The Jackalope Grill is owned and operated by two strong-minded female entrepreneurs. Born and raised Oregonians who strive to succeed. Owner Laura Bliss and Executive Chef Kelly Day.


The Dream Team

From the Sunriver area, both working together after Laura Bliss purchased the South Bend Bistro in 2017, Laura Bliss and Kelly Day have worked as a team to create a wonderful dining experience for all. Bringing a fresh flare to Central Oregon. Two light-hearted and often funny gals bring a light environment to the workplace, while not sacrificing the elegance they bring to the table. Both Day and Bliss believe in love at first sight, with your meal that is. Both strive to make sure you love how it looks as much as you love how it tastes.

Since 2018, Sommelier, David Stofle has been at the helm of the wine inventory. Balancing the wine selection to fit with the current dishes, as well as a tasteful variety for everyone to choose from.

Now all three are working together to bring fun, great wine, and great food to The Jackalope Grill. Recently purchased from the Garling's in 2022.  They have decided to keep all of the original staff and build upon an already great foundation.

This trio equals The Dream Team!

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