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Who is this Laura person anyway?

Meet Laura Bliss, a resilient and passionate woman with a heart for food and family. Moving to Central Oregon in 2001, Laura's life has been a testament to determination and hard work.

As a lifelong Oregonian, Laura faced a challenging upbringing, growing up in 7 foster homes and moving all over the state. Despite her rough background, she set her sights on providing a better life for herself and her children, making them her top priority.

While not a trained chef, Laura's love for food has always been evident. She pursued a college education in Central Oregon, but her heart continually drew her back to the restaurant industry, describing it as her love language.

With 22 years of experience in restaurants, from the original Trout House in Sunriver Oregon in 2001, to acquiring the South Bend Bistro in 2017, and now being here in 2023, "I am truly grateful for this amazing adventure." says Bliss.

Now, with three children who have graduated high school and one serving in the Navy, Laura's motherhood remains her utmost priority. However, her passion for her restaurants runs a close second.

Laura's Future Vision Looking ahead, Laura aspires to establish a lasting presence in Central Oregon with her restaurants becoming beloved local favorites. Beyond culinary success, her goal is to create a positive impact on the community. Laura envisions her restaurants as learning hubs, offering valuable opportunities for those interested in hospitality. Additionally, she aims to provide employment and training for individuals who may face challenges in traditional work environments. Above all, Laura is devoted to raising her children to become outstanding citizens, spreading their positive influence wherever they go.

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