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Now Let's Eat Cake

When it's finally time to indulge, no sweet treat quite compares to the deliciousness of dessert. From classic cakes to creamy delights, and all the scrumptious pies in between, it’s no wonder why desserts remain a crowd-pleaser. As there are no shortages of sweets here in Central Oregon, it’s one of our favorite things to make here at The Jackalope Grill and we are sure you’ll enjoy. We do our best to make sure our desserts are the perfect ending to a beautifully decadent dinner.

When someone mentions the word ‘dessert’, all kinds of sweet, creamy and delightful treats come to mind. From ice cream sundaes layered with sticky sauces to fresh fruits jazzed up with creamy yogurts and pies topped with melt-in-the-mouth crumbles: there’s no denying that desserts offer a certain kind of pure, simple pleasure that nothing else can. We take that to the next level with premium ingredients and rich flavors to give you the best all-around experience.

Not just a yummy way to end a meal, desserts are filled with joy and excitement. After all, what's a dinner party or anniversary celebration without a heavenly cake to mark the occasion? Biting into a light, flourless chocolate cake topped with vanilla ice cream or the perfect spoonful of pots de creme drizzled with house made caramel sauce is the best way I can think of to savor the moment. My mouth is watering already.

But why do desserts remain such a fan favorite? There are a few reasons why desserts can instantly make us cheerful. For one thing, the decadent textures and flavors combine a unique mix of indulgence and nostalgia. Even though a cake won’t give us the same nutritional content as a salad or a bowl of soup, its combination of sweetness and delicate presentation can still make us feel satisfied or even bring back wonderful memories. Plus, there’s always tomorrow to make it up with a salad or two.

What makes desserts even better? The fact that they come in so many different varieties. Depending on the occasion, you can choose from classic french favorites like creme brulee, to adventurous options like Kathy’s Apple Tarte Tatin. Whatever you choose we are sure to make your taste buds come alive, and there’s something for everyone. And hopefully whoever you’re with is willing to share so make sure to ask for an extra spoon.

No matter how you like to enjoy it, the desserts at the Jackalope Grill are the most satisfying way to wrap up a meal. Whether served with friends and family or just with yourself and a drink at the bar, the indulgent sweetness of desserts is always something to be savored. That feeling that the night is complete with full tummies and big smiles just waiting to come back to do it all over again soon. Desserts can lift our moods, brighten up our days, and give us a little bit of comfort and we have just what you need.

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