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Crème Brulée - A Sweet Tale

History of Creme Brulee - A Sweet Tale

One of our favorite classic desserts at The Jackalope Grill is crème brulée. Yes, there are many options for this lovely treat in Central Oregon but nobody does it to perfection like our Chef Day. The delicious rich custard and dark caramelized sugar of Creme Brulee have been delighting hungry dessert lovers for centuries! The history of this divine dessert goes back to 17th century France, when it was known as ‘crème brulée’, and consisted of a creamy, creamy custard base and a crunchy toasted sugar topping. The dessert quickly became a favorite of French royalty and noblemen and women alike and in the following centuries it would become a popular dish among many cultures.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and explore the fascinating history of crème brulée.

The invention of the toasted sugar on top is credited to a French chef called François Massialot, who published Cuisenaire Royal et Bourgeois in 1691. However, the dessert wasn’t popularized until the 18th century, when the French invented their own version. This iteration called for cream, egg yolks, sugar, and flavoring. It was during this time that the dessert became known as crème brulée, with the name deriving from the French word “brulée” which means “burnt”. Massialot noted that he created a unique topping technique that we now call ‘torching’ - caramelizing the sugar atop the custard. The name ‘crème brulée’

The dish spread throughout Europe in the 19th century, with each region adding its own twist on the classic dessert. For example, the Spanish version is made with vanilla beans and cinnamon, while the Italians serve theirs with a dark, bitter chocolate sauce.

Now here at the Jackalope Grill we keep it original but with no lack of new bold flavor. We use real ingredients with as many locally sourced as possible so that you get the true flavor of crème brulée but also the inspiration of Central Oregon. As much as we know our dessert can stand on it’s own with taste, we also know that a sidekick isn’t a bad idea either. So, when you order your crème brulée ask about our wine selection. Experience says to pair this sweet creamy treat with a Sauternes wine from Bordeaux France for the best flavor combinations sure to wrap up your dinner with a smile. Or you can request a fresh cup of Oregon coffee to satisfy all the feels. There’s nothing quite like a warm dessert with a warm cup of coffee to make you say yum.

So, rest assured we have just what you need at the Jackalope Grill. Make sure to book your table now or stop in to grab a seat at the bar so you don’t miss out on one of Bend Oregon’s best fine dining establishments.

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