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Bend Oregon is more than Beer

Bend Oregon is an area saturated by craft beer and that’s no surprise. There are said to be around 30 craft breweries in Bend and the surrounding areas. You can throw a rock and probably hit a brewery. Every festival that takes place is sponsored by one of the breweries in town so you won’t ever go wondering where to get a beer around here. But you might be wondering if there are other beers or adult drink options to choose from? The answer is yes. Central Oregon is home to award-winning cideries, wineries, and distilleries you won't be disappointed with. Yes, Bend is known as beer town USA but with that comes creativity in other venues as well. We have more than a few wineries that offer unique flavors that come from grapes designed to survive in a very specific climate that is Central Oregon.

We also have a few distilleries in the area because what’s good food without good alcohol. Craft beer can’t hog all the fun. Gin specifically is made from Juniper berries, a product of the Juniper tree which if you’ve ever been to Central Oregon, you know that we aren’t in any shortage of those. Bend does a great job of pairing festivals and concerts with any and all of the beer, wine, or spirit companies in town. There is no shortage of entertainment around here if you are into those things. In the summertime the best thing to do is be outside with friends having a drink or two and enjoying the warmth and the classic sunsets this beautiful state has to offer.

The food scene in Bend is not too shabby either. The restaurant industry along with the alcohol industry and a few other service-related topics are probably the top few things that keep this town running. There is no lack of creativity around bend for any type of food you are looking for. You can get it in a regular brick and mortar type building, or an old house remodeled to kick out tacos for an entire army, or a plethora of food cart pods scattered around town that offer anything from sushi to bread bowls of mac and cheese. You also have a handful of fine dining options to give yourself a classy option to enjoy a real meal uniquely crafted by a trained chef. For example, The Jackalope Grill in downtown Bend Oregon is the perfect place to take a date if your idea is to impress a special someone. They boast French American cuisine created by Chef Kelly Day that will no doubt give your date the impression that you know how to pick 'em. With menu items like roasted marrow of bone or king prawn and shiitake risotto paired with wine from the Stoller Family Estate you’ll be telling your grandkids about it.

So as you can see Bend can hold its own when it comes to food and drink options. Now you just have to mix that in with all the other fun things to do around here and you’ll never want to leave…which most don’t.

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